Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our hunt for new furniture...SOFA, so good!

Tell me you at least chuckled with my clever sofa pun! 
When I read the title to Eric, I got a pretty amazing eye-roll from him....what-evs' I think it's funny :)

A new year equals new beginnings. 
It also means super amazing furniture sales! 
Amongst other things we want to complete in the new year, getting ourselves a proper place to set our derrieres is top of the list. Although we appreciate the second hand couch and love-seat that graces our space now (thanks family!) they've been loved a bit TOO much, and have broken springs, lumpy cushions, and arm rests that lack sufficient "poof".

So this year, we spent our New Year's Day on the hunt for grown up furniture to call our own. We ended up visiting only two different stores, and Morris Home Furnishings was the winner. They had a great deal going on where you could take 10% off that day, or go interest free for 5 years. Eric, the money crunching machine, quickly did some calculating and we are very happy with the deal we got! 
The hardest part now is waiting for everything to come in! We purchased a couch, accent chair, and (per Eric's request) a recliner. I'm especially happy with our choice of couch. It's a little deeper than your average piece, so Eric can sit comfortably. I think it has beautiful lines and will look quite at home in our living room. 

Below is a little "mood board" that shows what we decided on, and also what fabric they are being made in. THAT was my favorite part by far, searching through all of the beautiful fabrics and coming up with a pallet that works together. 

You like? I think the mix of patterns will be gorgeous, and if we get tired of them...well they're just pillows. 

So now we sit, on our not-so-comfy couches, and wait out the next eight to ten weeks! Hopefully everything will look even better than what I'm envisioning in my head. 

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