Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Maybe Now We'll Stop Eating In The Living Room...

The chair fairies came last week! 
Friday night before we left for the weekend, Eric and I picked up these six beauties off of a seller from Craigslist. Trying to fit them all into our cars was like a giant Jenga puzzle, but with a little finagling we had success!
I have been stalking like a rat browsing Craigslist for a set of chairs to replace the three IKEA ones I've had since college for a while now. This particular seller had these chairs plus a table for $100, but after asking if they were willing to separate the set, we were able to get them for $80. 
$80 for 6 = just a bit over $13 per chair = MEGA SCORE! 
Aren't those little details great!? They're very sturdy, and a nice comfy size for Mr. Long-legs here. 
My vision is to paint them white (once the weather warms up) and reupholster the cushions. I've fallen in love with the contrast a dark table and floors paired with white chairs has. 
Image source here
Image source here
Image source here
Here is an older picture of our dinning room. Now close your eyes, and envision white chairs...isn't that beautiful?!  
*cue Eric eye roll*
As for the cushion fabric, at the moment I'm leaning towards a shade of red. I already have a few red accents in the room with my "vino" sign and pair of sequin red high-heel wine bottle holders, so I feel like that would be a nice touch. 
It'll be a while until we actually have to worry about choosing a fabric, and I don't know if a pattern or solid would be the best choice. Something that could hide spills and dropped food that's for sure. 
These were just a few I found/had that could be potential contenders. I don't know how well Eric would go for the purple and magenta mix though, ha! 
So now that we finally have chairs that don't feel like they'll come crashing down under us, maybe we'll start actually eating our meals at the table!
A girl can dream :) 

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