Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Frametastic Thrift Store Finds

Last Friday, I spent my lunch break browsing the aisles of the local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. I did have a list of things to look for, but usually during these trips I just wonder around and see if anything strikes my fancy. Does anyone else enjoy just walking around stores, not aiming to buy anything in particular? I find it incredibly therapeutic sometimes. 
This trip though did turn out to be a success! Pictured bellow are my spoils: three picture frames and a cute little basket. 
$7.00! Can't beat those prices.
Thrift stores are the absolute BEST place to find picture frames. I could go to Kohls and spend $20 to get a brand new one, but this way I only spend a buck or two, can paint them whatever color I want, and I doubt anyone else will have a frame quite like it. 
After wiping everything down, I gave them all a light coat of spray paint primer. 
Since it's so cold outside, I had to resort to setting up a little spray station in our basement. My caring husband even brought down a fan so I wouldn't pass out because of paint fumes. He's so great. 
After an hour or two of drying time, I went back and painted the frames with Rust-Oleum Metalic Silver spray paint. The basket just got a coat of classic white, I have bigger and badder plans for him later. 
Once they were completely dry (I let them sit overnight just to be safe) I was able to fill them with some pieces I've been saving. I am overjoyed with the end results! How absolutely stunning is the ornate frame on the bottom right?! That particular print was designed by my wonderful friend Michaela from Happy Apple. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop for other adorable prints and cards. 
The frame on the left is a collage of sketches I did while traveling abroad in Italy, and the card on the top right is from a care package my mom sent me Freshman year at BSU. 
Slowly but surely my little gallery wall is taking shape! I think the mix between white and silver frames will give it a nice cohesive, yet eclectic look. 

Anyone else find a treasure at a thrift store that brought an extra bit of pizazz to your home? 

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