Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap: Casino, Izzy's, and Shamrock Day!

Monday Monday (La laa la la la laaa)
Happy day after St. Patty's day! Hopefully everyone is still alive, and this morning didn't hurt you too much :) 
Eric and I celebrated the wearing-of-the-green on Saturday, but honestly didn't really do anything yesterday. Guess we're getting old. 
We did do other things though! I was so pumped to check a few more things off of my "We Live in Cincinnati so Lets Take Advantage of It!" list. At one point Eric even said "I think we've gone on enough adventures for one weekend" oh how I love his little hermit-ness.

So Saturday we ventured out to check the new Horseshoe Casino downtown. It literally took us 10 minutes to get there. How to do I know for sure? Because we got there, realized my I.D. was in my other purse, went back home, then drove back again. 
Anyhow, once we did get inside I was totally impressed. The whole place is just beautiful! GIANT chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, lights flashing everywhere, hundreds of slots and gaming tables. Not to mention the places to eat and drink! We didn't actually do any gambling, but it was pretty awesome just to walk around and take it all in. 

Bobby Flay's restaurant "Bobby's Burger Palace" looked really good. The thing though is that you can either sit at the bar, or you're at these big tables where you end up sitting with a bunch of people you probably don't know. The whole place isn't huge though, so maybe this is so that you get in, eat, then get out. 

Eric in front of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville! 

Another little cafe you can eat at. 

They also have a super swanky steakhouse called "Jack Binions Steak", and a giant buffet called "Spread". People were lining up to get in a good hour before that place opened. 

Saturday was also the night we went out to celebrate our Irish heritage! I even got to bring out my sparkly heels! Gold at the end of the rainbow :)

Sunday was our re-energize day. Not a whole lot happened since we were both pretty tired from the night before. We did go out to lunch at one of Cincinnati's classics; Izzy's, home of the worlds greatest reuben sandwich. 
This place is adorable. They have a great variety of food on their menu aside from reubens including soups, wraps, salads, and desserts. 
'Hmmm which sandwich will give me the most meat possible.."
Adam Richman from Man V. Food Nation has also been there. They have a 110 Reuben Challenge that weighs over 5lbs! 
Unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of sauerkraut so my one bite of Eric's sandwich was enough for  my Izzy's experience, but the turkey breast sandwich and soup I got was extremely tasty!

So those were the highlights of our weekend, did you have a fun St. Patty's day? Hopefully you had enough green beer, corned beef, and cabbage to last you until next year! And if you ever need a little weekend away, get on down here to Cincinnati and check out our new Casino! 

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