Monday, July 18, 2016

Old2New - Thrifted Sconce Shelves

Things that are currently making me happy: 

1. This video of Stephen Colbert telling the story about how he met his wife. Trust me, it's the most ADORABLE THING POSSIBLE!!!!! 

2. Devou Park in Covington, and the absolutely breathtaking view of the city you're treated to when visiting "The Lookout". 
and lastly...
3. These sconce shelves I saw at the thrift store, left behind, IMMEDIATELY went back to rescue after a day of deliberation, and now am sharing with YOU! 
They're heavy, kind of green, and just begging to be given new life. 
Primer + paint = DONE! 
I love the look of a traditionally classic piece, revamped in a sleek modern color. 
I picked up these matching vases at At Home - The Home Decor Superstore, which if you've never been, you're totally missing out. It's as if Home Goods and Sam's Club hooked up, had a baby, and that baby is a gigantic warehouse stuffed full of anything you'd ever want for your space.
Of course I enlisted Eric's help when it actually came time to hang them.
To finish things off, I tossed a few sprigs of yellow flowers into each vase, and just like that we're done! 
I love having a little sumtin' sumtin' flanking the window, and the pop of yellow against the wall is just perfect. 

So there you have it! 
Was this the most complicated project ever? No way. Does it fill me with joy? Absolutely!
With the addition of our new rug, and now these sconce shelves, bit by bit our living room is transforming into the bright and cheerful space I always dreamed of. 

Focus on what makes you happy people! 

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