Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Finding Home...And A Place For My Jewelry

You guys I made a thing!!! Dear GAWD it feels like FOREVER since I've finished any sort of DIY. I actually had to dust off the cans of spray paint a little. Tragic.

Before I dive into the juicy details, first some musings. 

Do you ever look around, laugh a little at how you got here, and realize how stupidly HAPPY you are? 

I've had this feeling on and off again for a while now. Eric will send me a random text, I'll catch a glimpse of the city skyline, or someone will compliment my work and I can't help but smile. Hopefully I'm not jinxing things, but I sincerely believe this is where I'm suppose to be. Who would've guessed applying for that design position in Cincinnati (that which I don't actually remember applying to) would lead to a job I love, and a life I cherish. And on that topic, I never thought buying a random Groupon for a pole dancing class would result in a community of women I couldn't live without, a new found passion for my personal health, and a side-gig as a fitness instructor. 

But life's funny that way. 

Cincy has treated me so unbelievably well, opened so many doors, introduced me to so many remarkable people, I get giddy just thinking about it. Moving down here was one of the best decisions of my life. One of those pinnacle moments of importance that changed everything. Shout out to my at-the-time-fiance-now-husband who followed me down here no questions asked. And when I'm driving back after spending some time away, there's a moment on 75 South, just before passing IKEA, where I'll be overcome by a sense of peace. 

THIS is where I belong, THIS is home. 

So! Speaking of said home, over the weekend I crossed off something that's been haunting the to-do list for FAR too long. Last July, while Eric was out of town and I was in the middle of project Mini-Awkward-Bathroom Makeover, I swung by one of my favorite antique malls and brought home this mattress spring frame from a baby crib.

Saved on my phone, I have a continuous list of "keep an eye out for" items I can quickly reference to while out thrifting. Finding a jewelry display/organization system was on that list, and that is EXACTLY what popped into my brain when I laid eyes on this spring frame. I scooped it up, brought it home...and it sat in our basement for 7 months. 

It's kind of domino effect as to why this project has taken so long to finish, but it all leads back to getting our new bed frame last weekend! New bed frame = Beth is ready to rock! 

After wiping away the cobwebs and dirt, I brought everything outside and gave it a fresh coat of Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold. 
That's what I'm talking about! 
Now you'll notice on the left side, there's a lever-type thing that sticks out with a metal bar. After closer examination, I quickly realized it was going to take a bit more fire power to remove than I originally thought. 

Enter my Black + Decker Matrix Quick Connect System. Yes this baby is technically mine, and it's the coolest! It has all these attachments you can snap on to drill, sand, saw, screw, whatever you want. It's f'ing sweet. Eric figured that with the right blade, the trim saw would be our best bet to cut the metal and remove the lever and extra bits. 
Piece of cake. 
Now all that's left is to get it on the wall! 

I honestly can't take ANY credit for the process of figuring out how to hang this. Like 90% of my ideas, I can get about 3/4 of the way there, but have to enlist Eric's help for the final lap. His engineer brain constructed a plan to drill wooden pieces into the wall first, create a "shelf" for the frame to sit on, then secure the frame to the wood. 
He used a piece of wood on the top, another on the bottom, and before I knew it everything was hung and solid as a rock. 
The man's got skill. 
Another 10 minutes later and I had myself a brand new way to display and organize my jewelry! 
I can't get over how fantastic this turned out, I feel like I have a mini boutique in the corner of my room! Now I can see ALL of my necklaces in ONE place, and won't have to dig around searching every morning. 
Some things are just worth the 7-month wait. 
Now let's just hope another half-year doesn't go by before I accomplish anything else! 

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