Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Our Home for the Holidays!

One of my absolute favorite things about owning a house, is getting to deck the CRAP out of the halls for Christmas. Most of our holiday decor consist of hand-me-downs from parents, random knick knacks we've accumulated, and of course whatever it was we snatched up during the "day-after-Christmas" sales last year.

I love seeing how everyone spruces up their home for the holidays, so I hope you enjoy ours as much as I enjoyed decorating it! 

This year St. Nick was extra kind, and had all of the outdoor lights hung when I came home Sunday! Or Eric may have done it...either way I was delighted to pull up to the glow of twinkle lights. 
Does St. Nick visit your house on December 6th? As kids we stuffed our lists to Santa in our stockings the night before, St. Nick would come to take them, and then leave behind lots of candy and other goodies in their place. 

Heading inside, the wreath on our front door is something I made a few years ago. I'm pretty sure I got everything from Hobby Lobby, and just started piecing it together.
That little hall table has to be the best purchase I've made all year. It is AWESOME to just throw your keys on, or in this case, hold a beautiful tray of glitter-bombed peacock themed ornaments.
Growing up, my mom always hung lots of garland and swag going up the stairs. Big bows, poinsettias, ornaments, everything. So of course I did the same upon owning my own set of stairs.
Our Christmas tree is front and center in the living room. I adore our tree. The year before we got married, I went out on the 26th and found it on sale for 70% off or something crazy like that. And as particular as I am about certain decor, our tree is NOT one of those things I obsess about. There are some coordinating bulbs this year (because I had SO MANY) but 90% of our tree is composed of handmade, childhood, gifted, and "where the heck did we get this?" type ornaments. 

And yes, our wrapping paper is leopard print.
Wherever the location, we've been lucky enough to have a mantle to hang our stockings on. Even in our first apartment, there was a non-functioning fireplace.
Next up is the dining room. Even though it's probably the least used room in the house, it might be the most decorated. Since I had so many ornaments, I hung a handful in front of the windows using ribbon and duct tape. Soooo easy, but so cute!
Of course the chalkboard window got a new design, and this recently added ladder shelf took no time at all to fill.
During the Mini-Awkward-Bathroom Makeover, we added three more shelves, and three more places for ornaments! Nothing like a bit of glitz while you pee to really make your holidays special. 
Another new addition, which I've wanted for a while, is a small tree at the top of the stairs. We don't really have room for multiple full size trees, but this mini version is just perfect!
When all the decorations were up, and everything was said and done, my floors were COMPLETELY covered in glitter. I tried cleaning, but now I've just come to accept it as part of the "Christmas ambiance". 

Did you put up anything special this year? Are you a full blown Christmas elf, or do you prefer to keep things minimal? 

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