Saturday, April 18, 2015

Super Quick Boob Light Cover Up

Dear ceiling fan, 
It's time to ditch the boob look. 
C'mon, let's cover it up now. 

It's not's you. 

What is a boob light you ask? Well they're lights, that have an uncanny resemblance to a certain part of the female anatomy. 
To be honest, I had never heard the term "boob light" until about a year ago. When we bought our house, we inherited a few of these perky pesky light fixtures, and now I can't look at them without thinking; "there is a boob...on my ceiling...and it's staring at me" .

One of them is in our kitchen.
My plan for this project was pretty basic:
Unscrew hardware, take down light cover, replace with lamp shade, screw hardware back on...done. 
Remove light = check! 
I did run into one little hiccup. The lamp shade I purchased, when held up to the fan so I could reuse the hardware, hit the blades. Sooooo either I needed extra hardware to make the shade sit lower, OR I flip it upside down and attach it that way. 
I think it looks pretty good, considering how simple of a fix it turned out to be. 
This was just one item on the lengthy list of "To-Do's" scheduled for this weekend. 
I feel like its been FOREVER since we've done anything to the house. The weather is supposed to be nice, and Eric and I are actually staying in town, so I plan on being CRAZY productive over the next few days. 
Wish me luck! 

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