Friday, June 6, 2014

Brown Trim Be Gone!

Last weekend Eric and I began the daunting task of transforming all of that dark trim in our foyer, stairs, and hallway from boorish brown to a wonderful bright white. A LOT of taping-off was involved, which ended up being the most tedious part of the process. In the end we had to tape along the floor, 7 doors, 2 windows, as well as the entire staircase. Fortunately we plan on painting the back of the stairs white anyhow, so that was one less area that needed taped.
After an initial coat of Kiltz primer, we had to give it another two coats of Simply White by Benjamin Moore to get the coverage we were looking for. 
The green tape really gives it an extra something don't ya think? 
Even though each coat easily took two hours, and there were just soooo many doors to go around, this has to be one of the more rewarding transformations we've made. Not having that depressing brown darkening up every corner is a HUGE improvement. 
I apologize the horrible photos, or more horrible than usual I should say. These are kind of awkward spaces to capture, there's just not a great place to stand to get the whole picture. 
To make up for my dreadful photography skills, about a little before and after! The pictures on the left were taken shortly after we moved in. 
Notes on random things you may have noticed: 
  • Yes the painting around the front door is spotty. The goal is to paint it a brilliant new color in the near future so we weren't too concerned about getting white on it. 
  • Same goes for the back of the stairs. 
  • We're Eric's also in the middle of refinishing the banister. That's why it's spindle-less and looks like a crazy death trap.  
  • Why yes I still am in love with my adorable bathroom curtain! Thanks for asking :) 
There you have it! Gone are the days of chocolate-colored despair, and into to a world of finally-all-the-freaking-trim-matches white bliss!

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