Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Painting Party

It's practically already Friday! 
This week was short and sweet thanks to Labor Day, and on our day off labor we did! Having that long weekend was EXACTLY what Eric and I needed to get started on painting. We visited Menards at least once a day...but it was so worth it. For one, the new Menards by us is INSANE! It's absolutely huge, has two stories, and a moving sidewalk to help you get from floor to floor. It's the only Menards in Ohio that has this magical pathway, and the first day we were there we totally got stuck on it. It was pretty funny actually, we had to pick up our whole cart and carry it the rest of the way. 
Good thing we work out! 

The whole process of painting started on Sunday. We first sanded down any bumps and uneven spots on the wall with sandpaper. We also filled in any holes left from the previous owners. After sanding we primed all those spots with 1-2-3 primer so our new paint wouldn't have "dry" spots. We found the primer in the basement, so that was free! 
Look at that brush technique :) 
Once the primer was dry, we wiped down the walls, went full steam ahead, and painted away!!! I did the bottom trim and half of the walls, while Eric did the edging around the ceiling and the top half of the walls. So after about 3 hours we had a brand new living room! 
I love how this room turned out! I think the Gadget Grey seriously brightens up the space. It's so soft, lovely, and I think we will be able to add all sorts of great color with accessories. We took the curtains down as well and that also really helped bring in more light. 

Monday was focused on the dining room. It was the same sort of prep process with priming, sanding, and cleaning. Eric did the entire top half, while I did most of the bottom since I could actually reach all of it.  Gadget Grey on top and Palladian Blue on the bottom equals one pretty eating space if you ask me! 
Isn't the contrast between the dark floors and the soft blue of the walls gorgeous?! I can just imagine our table in here with bright red and yellow flowers all over it. 
Sorry there is still a bunch of stuff sitting in the middle of the room in all of these pictures, but I was just so excited!!! 

So that is our progress thus far! We plan to start working on the kitchen this weekend, though it may not be as easy since the walls are textured. Any advice on how to tackle that? I just doubt a regular paint roller will do the job. We also want to kick start painting the cabinets, which will be a whole new adventure. 

 Here's another set of before and after pictures since I just LOVE to see side-by-side progress! 
uuuggg blurry pictures :( sorry! 

So proud of our first painting experience! 
Now on to the next!!! 


Angie Clark said...

3/8" roller cover should still do it for textured walls. You will use more paint versus flat walls.

Angie Clark said...

It looks Great by the way!