Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fresh Inspiration

As an designer I'm constantly looking for inspiration that I can use for new and fresh ideas. My main go-to's when I need to spark some creativity are books, magazines, and the Internet. 
But what I find myself missing, after throwing aside my fifth book and getting frustrated, is that fantastic design is not just on my bookshelves. 


Take Whole Foods for example. 

Have you ever looked at the products on their shelves and wanted to buy something just because it looked cool? I sure have. This store carries so many brands that have INCREDIBLE package design that I could spend $500 just by buying things based on their looks. Who cares if it tastes good, it looks fabulous! 

Take these candy bars for example. 
Beautiful hand drawn leaf images mixed with a bold sun in a florescent bright color. The organic style font choice matches the fact that it's organic chocolate, and everything just pops on a clean white wrapper. 

Doesn't this salsa just look like fun packed inside a jar?! The illustrations on the label look like they're having a party, and those bold colors just scream fiesta! 

I could look at beer labels for hours. The coolers are a great place for some quirky ideas that are always interesting. 

I really like this guy, looks handmade! I actually went to Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware a few summers back when a bunch of us were visiting some friends there. It's actually a very small brewery but their branding is to die for! 

HOB NOB wines. Creating one set look and then altering the color slightly is a great way to keep a brand looking like they belong together, but not super matchy matchy. 

Hi-Ball Energy! The polka dot pattern makes your eyes dance a little...kind of like you're buzzing from too much caffeine! 

Oh the glory of well designed brands and beautiful packaging. I could walk around Whole Foods all day just looking at the different labels, and nibbling on some free samples of course! 

So the next time you're at the grocery store, spend some extra time among the shelves, and take in all of the great design that is just waiting for you place into your cart. 
Inspiration is everywhere! 

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Sarah Just The Bee's Knees said...

I hate to admit it, but I am SUCH a label snob!! Sometimes I will only buy a product because it has a cool label. I might not even know what it is, but it looks cool!! Just goes to show you the power of marketing and graphic design. Thanks for sharing!