Monday, March 25, 2013

Let the House Hunt Begin

After renting for almost the past 6 years, putting up with roommates, limited fridge space, mess that isn't ours, and having to deal with noise and other unpleasant sounds, I can say with full confidence that we are READY TO BUY!

I just LOVE saying that out loud. 

Of course making that decision is just the first step towards the very long journey that will lead us to our first house, but it is a start. We've also become addicted to and the App. It is so cool! You can pull up the area you want to find a house, draw a circle on the screen of where you're looking, and It'll pull up all of the listings within your circle. They also provide a lot of pictures and details for each listing. 
I could gaze at pictures of houses all day. Every house we look at could be our potential dream home! 
There is one house in particular that we have our eye on, but of course It'll be a few months until we're going to see it. It's cute, unique, and within our price range. The things I'm most interested in are what it looks like, where it's located, and how many rooms and bathrooms there are. 

So my questions for you are:
What are some important points to ask about when buying your first home? 
Is there something you wished you had asked before you bought?
What are some unique things to look for/check in older homes?

I'm so excited to start this process. My new obsession has been looking at home improvement and D.I.Y sites. Especially  Young House Love. These guys are amazing, they're a young couple with a daughter who have completely transformed their home. They're not professionals and they are super honest when it comes to their mistakes and what they did to correct them. I think I could watch their video tutorials and look at project pictures for hours. I've asked for their book for my birthday. :) 

Any help or suggestions you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Being a virgin buyer is a scary thing, but we are excited to take the leap into home ownership!! 


Anonymous said...

First off make sure Eric can stand up in all the rooms lol, but I'm sure you know that!
Make sure the foundation and or basement is good and the roof doesn't need repairs. Windows are also important to inspect as well as the amount of insulation in the house.
Beyond that creativity is the key to making any house your home. Happy house hunting!

Michaela Horton said...

We chose an older home and I would suggest getting an inspector you can trust and read everything twice. You don't want people changing documentation on you once you think you know what is going on. If you have any questions feel free to email me :)