Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap: The Crafty Supermarket!

Happy Monday everyone! 
Be warned this post is going to have a TON of pictures :) 

This weekend was an absolute blast. Friday I was able to go out with the beautiful Britany Wendel (who does amazing photography with DreamerImage go check her work out!!!) and we had a fabulous time. It was just so great to catch up and hang out with friends. 

Saturday I went to The Crafty Supermarket . This indie craft show that had over 50 vendors, great food, demos, and a live DJ! 


This event is seriously cool! It's basically Etsy but in REAL LIFE! It was held at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center which only took me like 15 minutes to get to. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it made for a perfect day. 

I tried to take as many pictures as possible, but here are just a handful of the vendors that I was able to snap a pic of. Check out for the full list of who was all there sharing their talents! 

Beautifully decorated entry! 

So many excited crafters 

Precious crochet owls and animals by LUVKT

How amazing are these items by Lily In Flux?! All of her pieces are made from everyday objects. Bracelets from ruler pieces, wine stoppers made from pool balls, and that display is just amazing! 

Powerhouse Factories prints. These guys rock. Check out their website for even more kick ass prints. 

Another printer that was in this same room was Andy J. Miller. This image is from his Etsy shop, but his booth was super neat because they let you make your very own screen print. He set the screen all up, then you got to drag the ink across to make your very own print. I nailed it btw, and even took it home with me :) 

Stunning jewelry on a beautiful display by Off the Beaten Path
Another adorable owl, this one created by 40632

CRAZY stylish bags done by Busty's Fun Bags There was a wristlet that I really wanted to get...but I couldn't justify buying another purse :( 

These incredibly cute pieces of porcelain are from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics everything looks so delicate, and when you touch the piece it has this wonderful texture. All of the pattern on the dish is raised so they are a joy to the eye and the touch. 

I ended my day with some waffles from Taste of Belgium (soooo good!!!) There were also other food carts and vendors there serving up some tasty treats to all the hungry crafters! I highly recommend going to this event next year, it's so great to support local talent, and who doesn't love something that has been created by hand? 

The rest of the weekend was filled with catching up with friends, LOTS of wine, and a quest to find the perfect accent chair for Eric and I's living room.
 One thing that happened though that we both did not expect was...


After TWO MONTHS of trying to coordinate to get this cabinet to our apartment it finally arrived! We were able to contact the guy who was selling it, and he brought it to our apartment, but when he called to tell us he was here, Eric did pick up his phone (to Eric's defense, it never rang). So all of the sudden Eric has a voice mail saying that he left the cabinet in the parking lot.  We went outside and there it was, just hanging out in the dark. So it was up to me and Eric to get it up a flight of stairs and into our home. It took a LOT of pushing and pulling but we were able to do it! I'm still super proud of us. 

Filled and ready to party!! 

Don't you just love it :) I took the doors off so that it was more open and you could see the cool  mirror in the back. It gives us a nice little bar space. Now we just need people to come over and test it out! 

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