Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jekyll & Hyde=Family

So the play has been going really well. All though we could always improve something after ever show it is community theatre and the main goal is to entertain and have a good time. After spending basically the last month and a half with these people I believe we have fully accomplished both to their fullest extent. I absolutely love the girls in the cast and I know that I want to stay in contact with them for a long time. Nikki, Melissa, Emma, Katie...I could go on and on with the names of all the wonderful people I have gotten to meet and become great friends with. Its wonderful b/c with us being in the theatre we know we all have at least one common love. Plus its sooo cool when one of us burst out into song and 5 other people just jump in with the right words and notes. (My secret dream of my life being a musical in full motion right then lol) 
I am so happy to have tried something new and drug my butt down to the theatre and auditioned. I know I'll have to try and find time to do it again next year, but if I can't I am truly grateful that I was at least given this one opportunity.  

Friday, September 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So this year I have noticed that I feel as though I can stay here in Muncie for extended periods of time and not feel as though I need to get back to CW. I think most of this has to do with having my own house this year! Not that living in the dorms was insanely awful, I really enjoyed my roommate (in fact we're still really great friends), seeing new people all the time, being on campus and not having to leave a half hour b4 class, and having delicious hot and ready food just steps away! But when I went home for the weekend I always dreaded going back. Trying to find a ride home and having to leave whenever they want to was never fun either. 
Over Labor Day weekend I spent that time back in Mercer County with my family and friends, I really enjoyed the extra day off and loved seeing the people I care about, but then I noticed towards the end of Monday I was actually looking forward to getting back to my own room and bed! This perspective change struck me as a huge step in my "maturing" process as becoming a functioning adult in the real world and was incredibly proud of myself (don't laugh :D ). 
I live with three other girls, I went to high school with one of them and the other two went to HS together here in Muncie, it's a nice balance and I think we all really enjoy each other's company. Making my own food isn't as bad as I had imagined it either, I can eat whenever I want and don't have to make sure I spend the certain amount of meal money. (I find myself eating less...maybe....idk lol) Having a living room and a couch to crash on in front of the TV is another thing I have really grown fond of. 
My own room is a truly unique reflection of my personality and style. The lime green walls, deep purple curtains and bedspread, work with my quirky lamp and mirror from Ikea along with a burt orange desk that I painted myself. A beautiful picture of Audrey Hepburn hangs above my dresser next to a picture board filled with memories. I love having my own space that I can shut the door to the real world and just relax, work on projects, write, read, or simply just sit and nap. :D 
Our neighbors are pretty sweet as well. We live next to the fraternity Delta Gamma Iota, every brother of this fraternity that I have met is the nicest guy ever. They know how to treat a guest and they all have that kind of chivalry that you would've thought had died long ago.  Not to mention they do know how to have a good time lol.
*** I hope to spend the next three years in my house and I can't wait for all the wonderful memories that are going to be created while I'm in home. <3 

Monday, September 8, 2008

Call Backs!

After my audition for Jeckyll and Hyde I was called back for another audition! We were there for and hour and a half. There are 22 characters and 21 people who are in the cast so even if I don't get a lead, I will be in the play so I'm super excited to just be in the musical. The songs are very beautiful and powerful not to mention the amazing costumes that will be used. Another girl and I got to talking and we both decided that as long as we can be hookers in the bar...we'll be happy lol :D I'll post the show times once I know the exact date and I would LOVE for anyone's support and to come and enjoy the show!!! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In the spotlight again

This Saturday at 1:00 I am going to audition for the Muncie Civic Theatre! I am so excited to be in a play again. I haven't performed since HS and I've heard that they are super nice and the practices are later at night so I should be able to fit them into my schedule. The audition is for Jeckyll and Hyde, Skin of Our Teeth, Sound of Music, Charlottes Web, and A Time for Christmas. I have to sing a song and deliver a monologue, I chose something from the last act in Our Town by Thornton Wilder. Our drama troupe performed it my senior year and I was Emily Webb. It was a very dramatic performance and one of the best played I've ever been in. 
After the monologue I am singing Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q...I think. I can't decide if it's going to be that or The Light in the Piazza or Legally Blonde.  I'm going to sing them for my lovely housemates tonight and get their opinion. After I audition I have to wait to see if I made call backs.  Wish me luck!! 

Ooooo I am so excited!!!! 

Creating a Tune

So as a start I am actually doing this at about 12:30 in the morning and the fact that I have an 8am class is slowly starting to sink in. (It'll really be noticeable when I can barely paint b/c I'm so tired....o well! ) But I really think that this whole "blogging" thing is going to be really fun. I love to write and express myself whether it's through music, art, or my own words and now I can share it with family, friends, or people who are just interested in the same things as me. 

**A bit about myself: I am an art student focusing on Visual Communications. I love to draw, sing, act, read, write and create things. I really enjoy getting out there, meeting new people, and having fun with my friends. I am in the middle of a ton of first cousins while in my immediate family I am the oldest of 4 girls. My sisters are my life and I really don't know what I would do without them. Angie is the 2nd oldest and has become a fantastic young woman. Though we are extremely different we have found so much to share that our relationship has blossomed these past few years. She is so talented it is amazing and every time she performs at a gymnastic meet you see this talent at its best. Finding humor in everything is also something that makes Beaks Beaks. Sometimes she'll start to tell a story and can't even finish because she is laughing so hard. Janel is next, and as a middle child she has developed her own personality and way of doing everything. Even at a young age Janel laughed at pretty much everything. All you have to do is look at her with a funny face or say something humorous and she's gets this wicked grin on her face and those contagious giggles start. Over the summer Janel has grown about 4 inches and I swear the next time I come home she'll tower over me. Once my boyfriend Eric said "OK, I'm saying this as your boyfriend and not some weird guy...but Janel is going to be gorgeous!" and I agree. Last, but def. not least, is miss Kim. Kimmy is Kimmy. As energetic as they come, she is the cause of half of the entertainment in our household. Growing up in a neighborhood with about 7 other girls her own age she always brings the kids running through our house and tons of bikes to the driveway. She complains about shopping and thinks that our obsession with pampering and hairspray is a waste of time...but sooner or later she will be exactly the same...just give it time. Even though we all went through our own rough patches, we have become extremely close and not seeing them everyday while I'm here at school has been really hard. Plus not having 3 other jewelry boxes to scavenger through while putting together that perfect outfit is a down side lol. 
 Along with my outstanding siblings there are my parents. I could get all sappy and say that "they have been the best role models of my life and have made me into the woman I am today"...yes....i moved me too. All joking aside the morals and ethics that my parents have drilled into me really has molded me and I would like to end up just like them someday. My mom is like my big sister. Being the oldest, I really never had anyone to help me get through those awkward times in JH and HS. Yes we have butted heads and fought though hell and high water...but in the end she is one of the first people I call when something exciting happens. She is also one of the only people who I can share, and blame, my chocolate fetish with while watching, and quoting, You've Got Mail. As for my dad...geez...where do I even start? Even though sometimes it seems like he isn't really around that much, he lights up my life. Every time we talk he usually bust out the jokes and we both end up laughing our heads off. I tend to be one of the few that get all of his jokes and I think that's what makes our relationship special. His personality shines through everything he does, whether it is being a doctor, comedian, or father....he's the man. 
Along with all my family I have the best friends a girl could possible ask for. From all the ones that I left back at home to all the new friends I have made here at school, I love each and every one of them. All the good times and memories will stay locked up in my heart until I am an old and withered lady. 
It was through my friends that I found Eric. Eric is the person who has been the biggest influence on my life. With our 4 year anniversary coming up in Nov. I have never been in love with him more. We have shared so much that even if we were to end our relationship he is someone that I would remember for the rest of my life. He has left his hand print on my heart and there it will stay. We have talked about marriage before and I do believe that we were destined to be together. I plan on making him my husband someday. I know having dreams like that are crazy and a little scary but I get so excited when I think about them and it just seems right. I believe its those feelings that create a strong and successful relationship. 
So that's me and a nutshell, I know it's a lot but there is a lot to me! What? Did you think that my life was boring? ha ha it sometimes is...but i enjoy every minuet of it!