Saturday, February 5, 2011

It'll be OK

It has been over a year since my last post, and I guess I can say that a lot has happened over that year. A few of those things are my cousins getting married and expecting babies (yeah babies!!), friends are getting married and engaged, I am on my LAST semester of college here at Ball State and will have to look out into the big real world and hopefully fit in, and along with having many other exciting and wonderful times with friends and family.

But enough about the past, I want to talk about the present.
Starting this month my professors main goal is to prepare us as to how to nab that awesome design job we've been dreaming about since day one. Of course this involves preparing portfolios, online website portfolios, resumes and all that fun stuff. I do have a lot of my portfolio put together and you can view it here: right now its nothing spectacular but it is a start.
Along with all the excitement of getting that real job and finally having an income that isn't sad, I am also seriously nervous as to how I am going to cope living on my own. Yeah I guess you could say that I've been "on my own" all through college but that really isn't true. I have had at least 2 housemates all this time, and I've always gone back home to CW for breaks and never felt like I had to rush back. Thats all going to change in a couple of months. Now I'm going to have my own apartment all by myself and THAT will be my home. I won't get to spend three weeks during christmas with my family because work will be calling me back. I also won't have anyone to hang out with during the week, and the boredom that lays ahead is daunting.
The monotony of a work schedule is another thing that concerns me. Never again will my schedule be broken up by fall break, then thanksgiving break, then christmas break, then spring break, then summer and so on and so forth. It'll just be going to work....monday through friday....every week.
Dont get me wrong, I am looking forward to finally being done with school and putting my skills I've acquired to good use. Hopefully I'll love my job so much too that it wont seem like work and I'll look forward to going every day :D

It'll be ok.

Another item on my worry list is Eric. After he graduates where will he find a job? Will it be anywhere even close to where I'll be (where ever that may be)? I know that this first job I get may just be something that will help me build my portfolio and so forth but how will they feel if I work for them for only a year and a half and then say "Whelp it's been fun but I've got to go because my fiance just got a job three hours away!". I'm sure that happens a lot actually but still, once I go through the whole process of finding a job having to do it again so soon will be a bummer. But hey, what can you do? I've got to be where he is. There isn't another option.

It'll be ok.

On a final note, and speaking of fiance, I really really really want to get engaged. Since I know no one really reads this I don't feel so bad expressing this small thought.
It'll happen. :D
Maybe after I land that job I've been talking about...thats probably a good idea lol

It'll be ok!!

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