Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jekyll & Hyde=Family

So the play has been going really well. All though we could always improve something after ever show it is community theatre and the main goal is to entertain and have a good time. After spending basically the last month and a half with these people I believe we have fully accomplished both to their fullest extent. I absolutely love the girls in the cast and I know that I want to stay in contact with them for a long time. Nikki, Melissa, Emma, Katie...I could go on and on with the names of all the wonderful people I have gotten to meet and become great friends with. Its wonderful b/c with us being in the theatre we know we all have at least one common love. Plus its sooo cool when one of us burst out into song and 5 other people just jump in with the right words and notes. (My secret dream of my life being a musical in full motion right then lol) 
I am so happy to have tried something new and drug my butt down to the theatre and auditioned. I know I'll have to try and find time to do it again next year, but if I can't I am truly grateful that I was at least given this one opportunity.  

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