Monday, September 8, 2008

Call Backs!

After my audition for Jeckyll and Hyde I was called back for another audition! We were there for and hour and a half. There are 22 characters and 21 people who are in the cast so even if I don't get a lead, I will be in the play so I'm super excited to just be in the musical. The songs are very beautiful and powerful not to mention the amazing costumes that will be used. Another girl and I got to talking and we both decided that as long as we can be hookers in the bar...we'll be happy lol :D I'll post the show times once I know the exact date and I would LOVE for anyone's support and to come and enjoy the show!!! 

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany...I really enjoy reading your blogs...just wondering when are you going to write another one?